With her voice, she brings each lyric and melody to life, connecting souls through her songs. Her music transcends borders. Her show is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Erika Ender MP3-45 2020
Erika Ender Panamá Mía 2019
Erika Ender Tatuajes 2018
Erika Ender Músika 2015
Erika Ender Cueste lo que Cueste 2014
Erika Ender Ábreme la Puerta 2004


Erika Ender captivates in a unique way with an extensive repertoire that includes her hits as a singer-songwriter and those she has written for major music stars. On stage, she delights the audience with any of her show formats: from the intimacy of "A Piano y Dos," the magic of "Erika AcústiKa," the energy of "Erika Ender en Concierto" with a spectacular production, to the majesty of the classic "EriKa SinfóniKa." Booking an Erika Ender show guarantees an unforgettable musical experience that will connect with the hearts of your audience and leave a lasting impression.

An intimate and classy musical encounter where Erika Ender's voice, accompanied by a grand piano, ignites a rollercoaster of emotions. Performing her greatest hits and the songs she has composed for major stars, Ender showcases her talent, charisma, and versatility. "A Piano y Dos" promises to captivate and leave a memorable impression on your audience, making it the perfect choice for a special event.

A Piano y Dos

Erika AcústiKa is a warm and captivating experience where the Panamanian singer-songwriter combines her emotive voice with elegant acoustic arrangements. Each song reveals personal stories and connects with the audience on a deep level. Erika performs both moving ballads and energetic uptempo songs. The cozy atmosphere and rich sound create an unforgettable evening filled with music, soul, passion, and energy. It is the perfect choice for events seeking an intimate and emotionally resonant ambiance.

Erika AcústiKa

"Erika Ender en Concierto" is a first-class show, full of energy, fun, and excitement. Performing her hits as a singer-songwriter and composer for stars, she offers an unforgettable show with stunning lights, visuals, and talented dancers. A unique, impactful, and simply unmissable event.

Erika Ender in Concert

"EriKa SinfóniKa" is a unique experience that combines majesty and emotion. Accompanied by a symphony orchestra, Erika Ender's powerful voice shines amid lush arrangements. Each song transforms into a masterpiece, merging her distinctive style with symphonic grandeur. The result is an impressive evening filled with passion, elegance, and musical magic. Ideal for those looking to offer their audience an unforgettable night of pure artistic excellence.

Erika SinfóniKa