She uses her voice to influence, inspire, and educate. She connects and shares her passion and knowledge authentically, demonstrating her ability to lead by example through her words and actions.


Erika Ender stands out as a communicator and influencer, channeling her passion and authenticity to inspire and educate. Through her knowledge and experience, she establishes real connections with her words and actions, demonstrating the ability to keep the audience captivated and inspired.

Her successful career and image of integrity make her a powerful representative. With her credibility, empathy, and magnetic presence, she is an ideal brand ambassador. She embodies values such as creativity, innovation, and social impact, genuinely connecting with a global audience in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Brand Ambassador

In "InspirARTE," Erika Ender blends music and motivation to inspire the audience to challenge the impossible. She also offers Master Classes, both in-person and online, where she shares key tools for creating and living off music, combining empowering speeches with musical performances and composition workshops.


A digital or in-person MasterClass aimed at professionals and beginners alike. This unique experience empowers attendees with her inspiring speeches and provides valuable information about the industry and music composition, combined with audiovisual presentations and musical interludes. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage during the Q&A session, with the option to extend the MasterClass into a composition workshop. It's an ideal opportunity for those looking to learn and grow in the art of songwriting alongside one of the most distinguished figures in music.