Her true mission, has always been using arts as a vehicle for the common good. This task has been successfully achieved through her Foundation (Puertas Abiertas), by benefiting thousands of children and young people, with projects such as TalenPro, which unites entertainment, culture, values, social responsibility and education.

Foundation Puertas Abiertas
Special Olympics Ambassador


In 2009 he created the Open Doors Foundation, which has worked continuously for Panamanian children and youth. Today, her biggest project, TalenPro (Talent with Purpose), is a unique talent competition, created and designed by Ender, which offers a platform in National Chain to express different art forms for teenagers, combining entertainment, entertainment culture, values, social responsibility and education.

All the winners of the competition are awarded scholarships in Panama or abroad for their university studies, once the talent joins the purpose as human beings, which is cultivated in the competition through workshops and tools for life. Through this project, 12 schools in vulnerable conditions, are restored each year.